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time January 12 2010
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PAS organizes a one-training workshop with Tom Darlow

PAS organized a one day training workshop ‘Practical guide to developing effective brand communication’ in Karachi.
The workshop focused on how the environment is evolving, how behaviours need to change, the ideal creative and media brief, the continued importance of ‘an idea’, word of mouth, and some useful tools and checklists. The workshop gave interactive learning experience with group activity and discussions, case studies and real life examples. It was free from jargon and complicated new theories. Instead, based on global best practices, it concentrated on clear recommendations that could be implemented.
The workshop was run by Tom Darlow, from “2-The-Point”, Singapore. With twenty-five years of global marketing experience, he specialized in Brand Marketing within the Asian region. His aim (reflected in his Company name “2-The-Point) is to help Marketing teams improve their business results through providing clear, practical recommendations based on the latest trends and best-practice. He also knows Pakistan well, having spent 5 years here as Unilever HPC Brands Director from 2001-2006.
The workshop, sponsored by Telenor Pakistan, was attended by 45 participants from 15 diverse marketing companies like PSO, Unilever, Candyland, ZIL, Shell, IBM, Prestige Communication, National Foods, Habib Bank, Pepsi Intl’, Tapal, Shield Corporation, etc..

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