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PAS initiates Out-of-Home Audience Measurement and Rating Project

Karachi: August 14, 2013
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It is a known fact that Out-of-Home advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising communication that has retained itself as one of the most important component of a media mix. Over the years, not only have we seen various forms of OOH advertising evolving making the environment complex and cluttered, but we have seen rising investment of advertisers on this medium. With this, like for any other traditional mediums, there is an increasing demand for a reliable and credible audience measurement and rating currency that can optimize and increase the ROI of the budget spent on this medium.
Realizing this growing need, the PAS Research Committee (RC) has initiated OOH Audience Measurement and Rating Project. The objective is to establish a single currency for rating and measuring OOH media that is used by all the stakeholders. A tender specification has been drafted for ‘request for proposal’ and all the major research agencies have been invited to participate in the pitch process.
A special technical committee will also be formed representing various industries. The function of the technical committee is to receive and evaluate the proposals and make its recommendation to the PAS Executive Council for a final approval before the project is awarded to any one research agency, after which the technical committee will serve as a supervisory and endorsing body.
The planned timeline for the project are as follows:
– August 15, 2013: Recipients expression of interest
– September 16, 2013: Tenderers submit their proposal
– September 25, 2013: Working sessions with Tenderers
– October 10, 2013: Award of the project
– October 25, 2013: Final Contract agreed upon and signed
For further queries, feel free to contact:
Ms. Nafisa Gabaji
Convener, Technical Committee
Tel: +92 21 3583 6072-3

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