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“The best of the PAS Awards entries can stand toe to toe with the best in the world in building strong brands and achieving their objectives” – Julian Suanders – Founder, The Joined-up Company.
And this is what the PAS Awards 2014 agenda is; to build strong brands by acknowledging and crediting the most effective communications advertising campaigns in Pakistan.
All set to take place in April 2014, the ground work is underway and the pavements are all ready for the most effective and creative campaigns to start rolling out from December 2013 onwards.
PAS Awards are recognized by advertisers and agencies throughout Pakistan as the pre-eminent award in the industry. Since 2011, winning the PAS Award has become a symbol of big achievement and is an industry benchmark for assessing the best creative communications work. Immensely supported by the industry stakeholders including Pakistan Newspapers Association (APNS), Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) and Advertising Association of Pakistan (AAP); PAS Awards are a mega success year after year.
As always, championing the practice of marketing effectiveness, PAS Awards works in close conjunction with an expert jury panelist; some of the most intelligent, astute and experienced head honchos from the local industry as well as international experts.
This year, PAS Awards 2014 is designed to encourage all big and small advertisers to bring forth their creative campaigns and be a part of this exhilarating contest. Apart from the regular 25 major categories in which the entries will be judged for their effectiveness, there will be special categories and awards for ‘CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR’ and ‘BEST ORIGINAL LOCAL CAMPAIGN’ that will honour the most novel marketing idea.
For further details, log on to : PAS Awards website
PAS Award Secretariat
Telephone: +92 (21) 3583 6072/73
Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) collectively speaks for the common interest of the advertisers and is representative of 80% of the ad-spend of Pakistan. It aspires that advertising is efficient and effective for the advertiser; rewarding for the media, agencies and associate suppliers, and true, honest and equitable to the consumer.

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