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time July 1 2008
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PAS takes an industry position on ‘Advertising on Cable’

On the requisition of certain members, Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) initiated a dialogue on Advertising on Cable Networks that air channels which do not have landing rights in Pakistan and/or show pirated content illegally on their in-house channels.
The intense deliberations with all the members of the Society it was finally decided that this practice not only violates the government laws but also the Intellectual Property Right laws that can hold the advertisers responsible for supporting and abetting this act on moral and ethical grounds and therefore the advertisers should abstain from certain forms of advertising on channels that air illegal content and will encourage legal content.
PAS will now act as an authorizing body that will issue NOC to all the legally procured content on which companies will be free to advertise.
In support, all the major advertisers signed the pledge with PAS to abide by this decision.
For detailed ‘position paper’ kindly contact PAS Secretariat at +9221 583 6072 or email at

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