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OOH Media AdEx Report July 2015


The Outdoor media Ad Ex report offers you an in-depth and accurate estimate of spending in the Outdoor media by different advertiser in your category as well the overall market. The outdoor media ad-ex is calculated for the top 5 cities by visiting all the permanent assets as well as pole signs twice a month every month. Value estimates are collected from different major OMAs and average market rates are calculated accordingly.

Outdoor Ad- Ex Highlight July 2015:

  • 67% of the total boards were occupied in July vs 70% in June.
  • Total outdoor spent approximately was 972 Million in July. It decreased by –2.5% as compared to June 2015.
  • Fashion category holds the top slot in spent with approx. 176 Million spent in July 2015. Last month spent was 221 Million.
  • Telecom holds the 2nd spot followed by Fast Food chains with spent of 70 Million and 60 Million respectively.
  • Pepsi was the top brand in July followed by Gul Ahmed.
  • Top advertisers slot was also occupied by Pepsi followed by Gul Ahmed and closely followed by Zong (Zong 4G branding on Centaurus is not included otherwise Zong would lead in total outdoor investment)
  • Gul Ahmed and Jdot were the top spenders in fashion category in July.
  • Top 5 Categories Fashion, Telecom, Fast Food, Real State, CSD.
  • Top 5 Manufacturers, Pepsi, Gul Ahmed, Telenor, Engro Corp.
  • Top 5 brands for July were Pepsi, Gul Ahmed, Zong 4G, National Ketchup.
  • Total pole signs value estimated at 31 Million. Top spender on pole signs is Telecom, followed by Educational Institutes and CSD.
  • Pepsi is the top spender on pole signs followed by Q Mobile, CMPak, Samsung and then National Foods in client ranking.
  • Top 5 brands on pole signs are Pepsi, Samsung S6, Zong 4G, Green City Real Estate & Omore Kulfa

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