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Decision Making with Retail Audit – A 2Day International Workshop

PAS is pleased to announce 2-Day workshop on Decision-Making with Retail Audit Becoming a Retail Audit Black Belt! by Hope Mandel, a 30+ year veteran in the market research industry. She worked for Nielsen for 25 years in the US and Turkey, in a Global training role. She will share her experience through especially designed workshop for the Pakistan industry.

The workshop is scheduled to be held on February 5-6, 2015 at MovenPick Hotel, Karachi. This two-day course will enable you to make better decisions with retail audit data. You will be able to combine it with your other data sources using a systematic process – resulting in improved business performance and an increased return on investment on retail audit data!

The programme is specifically designed for marketing/brand, sales and research teams and other departments that use retail audit information in their decision making process.

Companies are recommended to send a group as a team across the above disciplines to draw maximum learning out of the programme in a cross functional environment.

LAST DATE FOR REGISTRATION IS: JANUARY 26, 2015. For Registration and details contact:

PAS Secretariat
Tel: 021-35836072-3

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