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Home Knowledge Articles CrackIt 2014 had a resounding success with massive participation this year

CrackIt 2014 had a resounding success with massive participation this year

Precedent to last year’s success – Crackit 2014 had a resounding success with massive participation this year!

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Exposing the teams to a challenging stance of unfolding brilliant ideas and solutions – an overall of 35 teams participated from Karachi and Lahore.

The 3-4 members team comprising of one marketer, one strategist, one creative and one developer had a day to come up with a mind blowing idea that would also work for the brand under two major categories:

· Connecting to the Youth
. Digital Retail Solution

Patterning with Nestle Pakistan, Crackit provided a gateway to startups of tomorrow where imaginative developers, designers, marketers met to shape the marketing, advertising and media industry of tomorrow.

The 12-hour competition open to all professionals and students from Pakistan in the field of marketing, advertising and IT encouraged the teams to compete with their ideas and technological solutions against a given challenge or objective by Nestle Pakistan.

The teams were given a real life challenge by Nestle Pakistan relating to one of its brands asking for a digital strategy that is practical and implementable leveraging single or multiple digital platforms to achieve the desired goal.

The jury comprised of five hand-picked specialists in the field of digital media, marketing / advertising, digital technology, creative and strategy.

The winning team PAS CrackIt got a cash prize of Rs. 150,000 and their idea has been picked up by Nestle Pakistan to be implemented for their brands.

Team “Digital Khiladi” receiving cash prize from Humaira Ashar, Nestle

Top three winning teams were:

1st position: Digital Khiladi (Fast NUCES)
2nd position: Digital Bugs (JWT Fusion)
3rd position: D Team (Dealtoday)

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