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time November 23 2016
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Coca-Cola Creates Selfie Bottle


Now there’s no reason to spoil the moment when you want to drink some Coke, because Coke created a bottle that allows you to snap a selfie while you drink. This pice of drinkable tech made its debut at Israel’s Summer Love event.

The proprietary technology was developed specifically for the Israel’s Summer Love event– great placement there. They will be thirsty, they will have Coke.

As for the tech here, they customized a camera to fit with a 0.5L bottle of Coca-Cola. Whenever there is a 70 degree tilt on the bottle, it would snaps a selfie automatically. All of the pictures get uploaded to users’ Snapchat, Coca-Cola Israel’s Facebook page which has 400K fans, as well as the brand’s instagram page. Fun idea that uses tech, stays on brand with the happiness message for a conceptually relevant reason. See, kids? It can be done!

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Gefen Team

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