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Branding Elements Recall

There is a huge ‘Brands Battle Field” is established in various “Branding Elements”

We expect that, this post will open a new door of discussion and debate on intelligent and logical investment avenues

#PulseConsultant noted #13 ‘Branding Elements’ other than TVC recall and ‘Various Ground Activities’ by engaging crowd – #PulseConsultant separately noting these activities

It seems that #Recall of all #Branding_Elements have increased in Phase II and subsequently brands recall within these #Branding_Elements also increased

#Ground_Mats is the most notices sponsorship on the contrary investment on #Trousers need critical review

#Brand_ManiaY2019 an advertising #ROI tracking Initiative by Pulse Consultant to cover #PSLY2019 ‘Brand Warfare’ through Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews (CATI) – Approach – Day After Recall Method

Respondents: Top 10 Cities – Age 16-50 – Gender M 80:20 FM – SEC A-D

Disclaimer: Study has been carried out by Pulse Consultants, a third-party research agency. PAS does not take ownership of survey findings.

For subscribing detailed report or queries on data please contact Pulse Consultant

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