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Annual Social Media Marketing Infographics 2014


The year 2014 started off with a total of 11.6 million active Facebook users and added one million Pakistanis in Jan 2014 alone. By the end of 2014, Pakistan reached about 17 million Facebook users, with more than 50% users in the 18-34 age brackets, and with the majority of the remaining below 18 years. This is a giant opportunity for brands to reach out and build enduring relationships while converting fans to customers.

Facebook, with its social networking features (in addition to its many others) is the preference of the majority. Twitter is slowly gaining acceptance in Pakistan with most of its users being celebrities, media figures and heavy-weight brands.

It was in February that the Fashion Industry overtook FMCGs as the top industry, with around 15 million Facebook fans. It ends 2014 with a total of 27 million fans. Fashion’s counterpart, Beauty (the industry), moved up just as fast. With one complementing the other, the huge growth is apparent with Pakistani fashion evolving each season and making a mark in the international arena as well. The Electronics Industry too witnessed a growth of 5 million fans this year, to a total of 17 million. With the latest technologies and developments in the world making an impression on our ‘technophile’ youth, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exploit new advancements. The Pakistani Telecom industry has taken a giant leap in 2014, with the much awaited 3G/4G launch. However, instead of breaking the competitive rut the industry has been in, the licenses have generated even more fierce competition and aggressive spending amongst the few players.

OLX, the global online retailer has made its mark in Pakistan. In 2014 they started advertising heavily on television, a medium seldom used by online businesses. The ads are fun to watch. OLX Pakistan secures the top with 2.7 million fans. Mobilink follows with 2.5 million fans. Mobilink’s focus on digital media in 2014 and the spill-over effects of their 2013 Har Dil, Har Din have led to a 2014 total of 2.5 million fans. It has overtaken Ufone on social media growth and is one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Microsoft Lumia Pakistan (a change in the Nokia brand name) with 2.3M, Ufone with 2.2M fans and Intel with 1.9M fans follow.

The top 5 media brands this month are Express News, Samaa TV, Hum TV, Social Express News and PTV Sports. The rare arrival is of Social Express News which has gained popularity by carrying content aimed at all types of age groups – politics, education, cricket, and local and international news.

The 2014 top post engagement rate has been bagged by Chester Bernard with a 4.07% ER. The Chester Bernard page is consistent in their updates and offer a quality product which garners much attention. The response rate is high and the brand makes an effort to respond to each query, working on building a community online. They’re upcoming online store is also a feature to look forward to. Shaheen Air International (not only is the airline promoting its new fleet, but is attempting to improve standards and public image as well), Walnut Media, Vim and Gillette Pakistan follow.

Social devotion has been the forte of the Telecom brands. In an industry where the offering across the board is the same, responses are timely and competition is tight. Djuice tops the list with the highest ‘answered questions minus the unanswered questions) followed by Mobilink, Zong, Telenor and Warid Pakistan. With top of the line response rates and times, they compete neck and neck.

Interestingly the top 3 Facebook posts of 2014 generate from one company – Nestle. Nesfruta, Fruita Vitals and Maggi Pakistan are all Nestle brands. Nestle Fruita Vitals has been positioned as a luxury brand which has generated much interest. Nesfruta’s colourful and super engaging campaign brings with its ‘Build Wonders to Win’ competition in which fans have actively participated.

The top Twitter brands are also dominated by Telecom. On a platform many are still hesitant to enter, Telecom has evolved its social presence by making Twitter a big part of their strategy. This again is due to the cut-throat competition and not taking any chances or missing any opportunities to differentiate their brand. Mobilink again leads the pack with 255k followers and the highest number of interactions (33k).

2014 has been a good year for Brands and Facebook in Pakistan. Facebook dominates over social media platforms for the majority of individuals, most companies and high-spend brands with the latter realizing the benefits of Twitter and the advantages of getting an early start on a channel that is destined to explode in the future.

With an evolving economic, political and social economy, inundated with international influence, culture and tradition, the social economy has been deemed as the fastest way to the audience. With the exploding Telecom and Technological industry, we await 2015 with enthusiasm, sure of something different and dynamic. 2015 will see brands move resources to target growing social activity and other digital platforms. No business can now survive without a digital presence that consumers interact and engage with.



Q. Who makes this Infographic?

A. This infographic was made by zeesocial (Pvt) Ltd using data by SocialBakers. zeesocial is a full suite social media agency that specializes in Social Media Analytics to ‘Listen to conversations’, ‘Analyze the interactions’ and ‘Engage with customers’ in order to grow brands and business. zeesocial is a Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan and can be contacted at”

Q. Why do you take Engagement Rate based on total interactions, which is a subset of total engagement? Facebook Insights also provides engagement rate, why is that not used?

A. Facebook insights are available to Page Admins. Socialbakers on the other hand provides reports about brands and competition without any requirement of Admin rights. Unique value offered by Socialbakers is that it can provide competitive reports using public facebook API. Hence,it only includes the interactions (likes + comments + shares). Socialbakers engagement rate is as accurate as it can get if you want market / competitive context too… BTW Socialbakers is used by almost 50% of Fortune 500 brands.

Q. I have more questions about my Facebook Page, can you help?

A. As Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan, we would be happy to help you with your queries and questions about Social Analytics or conducting audit and competitive study of your organization. Just send an email to

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