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Acquisition of New Labels by Media Concepts

Media Concepts is Exclusive Licensees of renowned and well-reputed labels like T-Series, Media Concepts (Pvt.) Limited aims to promote commercial activity free from illegality in the music industry and to introduce legitimate copyright use within the territory of Pakistan.
Media Concepts (Pvt.) Limited has widened the scope of services provided and is delighted to announce that after onerous efforts and negotiations, it has successfully acquired the exclusive licenses of ‘Saregama’, one of the leading Bollywood music label possessing a catalogue of over 117,000 songs, and ‘Universal Music Group (UMG)’, a pioneer music label comprising of a colossal catalogue of English music, for use within the territory of Pakistan and has expanded the scope of legal usage and copyrighted content more than it already has since its establishment. For the first time in Pakistan, “Media Concepts (Pvt.) Limited has proudly introduced the digital use of copyrighted content by enabling individuals to stream legally and cache literary works over the internet to widen the ambit of legal usage in Pakistan”.
Media Concepts (Pvt.) Limited strictly condemns piracy, severely discourages entities to be affiliated with organizations committing piracy, and is vigilant of such illegal practices across the country. Media Concepts (Pvt.) Limited ensures that its licensees are protected and are ridden from unfair prejudice by taking legal action against individuals and corporations using pirated content and has successfully held such atrocious and crooked individuals accountable in the Court of Law

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