Twitter Now Lets You Tag People in Photos

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Twitter Now Lets You Tag People in Photos – You Can Add 4 Photos to Each Tweet, Too


Twitter has added a new feature to let users to tag up to 10 friends in photos. It’s also launched a feature to let iPhone users upload multiple photos – up to four – in a Tweet and plans to bring the capability to the Android app and to

Twitter is getting a little more photo-happy, adding the ability to tag up to 10 Twitter users in an image.

If you’re not keen on the idea of being tagged in OPTs (other people’s tweets – feel free to use it in casual conversation), you’re able to toggle your tagability under your account settings. Tagging someone in an image doesn’t count against your 140-character message limit, either.

And finally, you can now add multiple images to a tweet – up to four at a time. The feature is only available on the iPhone right now, but it’ll roll out to the Android app and to in the not too distant future. Twitter points out that you’ll be able to view multiple-image tweets on any platform, though.

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