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Manhattan Communication – Winners Case Study # 1

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time February 6 2019
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Brand name McDonald’s
Campaign Title Open Door
Company McDonald’s
Agency Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Ltd
Idea Origination Pakistan
Campaign Duration 5th May 2017 – 9th June 2017

Category Background

Eating out is the favorite past time of Pakistanis. Food business is thriving with local outlets as well as international chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Nandos, Burger King and Hardees. In any restaurant, Kitchen is the most guarded area, being the heart and soul of the restaurant operation and is an off-limits place for all except for the employees. Many restaurants have taken the advantage of this secrecy by slacking on the hygiene and food quality standards. For the past two years People are generally aware of this and their concern regarding the hygiene protocols and quality of food served to them has been aggravated by the multiple exposes done by investigative journalists on various TV channels and the aggressive raids conducted by food health authorities.

Strategic/ Communication Challenge

Customers are now more critical and cautious about the food quality and hygiene standards that are being followed by the well-known international and local restaurants.

The challenge for McDonald’s Open Door campaign was how to take it further while building on the previous campaign. The Open Door campaign has been about showing the customers the hygiene and food quality standards that McDonald’s follow which has been raised by the health departments, journalist and on social media over the years.

The Objectives and the KPI’s Against the Objectives

To build confidence of the customers by inviting them to visit McDonald’s kitchen and see for themselves the food quality and hygiene protocols being followed and continue to patronize their favorite brand with confidence.

Target Audience

Core: Mother / housewife who is most concerned about her family’s health and believes her standards of hygiene and cleanliness are very high and takes a lot of pride in her role as a “Protector”.

The Big Idea

The idea was that hygiene protocols employees learn working at McDonald’s are gold standard, they start teaching and implementing them even in their own homes.

Insight that Led to the Bid Idea

Employees had explained the importance of following McDonald’s practices at work to their family members so that safe, healthy & hygienic life style is adapted in their home as well.

Housewives think that the standards of cleanliness they practice at home while preparing food are so high they do not expect any restaurant to practice them.

Bringing the Idea to Life

We identified the 3 key critical concerns of our Target Audience regarding hygiene and food quality. Employees’ families were shown practicing the protocols they had learnt from their family member who was an employee at McDonald’s. A TV campaign comprising of 3 edits was made, each highlighted one of the key concern. The TVC / videos ended by inviting viewers to register for the kitchen tour.

Campaign was extended on Digital Media with 5 protocol videos highlighting the hygiene practices followed inside McDonald’s kitchen;

  1. Hand Washing
  2. Grill Cleaning
  3. Dry Store Management
  4. Freezer Management
  5. Product Handling

A microsite was also created to provide Virtual Tour of the McDonald’s Kitchen to the audience online.

Popular Facebook Food Groups and Bloggers were invited for the Kitchen Tour to build the popular opinion about the initiative and spread Word of Mouth.

Communication Touch Points

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • OOH
  • Interactive/ Digital/ Mobile

Total Media Expenditure

USD 500,000 – 750,000


  • Comp Sales: 12%
  • Comp GC’s: 8.5%
  • Public Tours conducted 5,000
  • Number of School Tours: 1500
  • Digital Platform:
  • People Reached: 3024526
  • Interactions: 18631
  • Video Views: 917,768

Factors in the Marketplace that Helped Drive Results

Selection of best possible advertising mediums resulted with a successful campaign.

Social Media Platform: The campaign was boosted through Social Media platform, right after the release. All the 3 TVCs were posted, which helped in highlighting the key consumer concerns in a realistic and believable manner.

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