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Home Knowledge Articles A Snapshot of Pakistan's Social Media Analytics – December 2013 [Infographics]

A Snapshot of Pakistan's Social Media Analytics – December 2013 [Infographics]

There are about 11.6 million Pakistanis who are active at least once a month on Facebook. (About 72% male, and almost 28% female).
Mobilink, Ufone and Samsung PK have been three of the fastest growing pages this month. Mobilink Pakistan acquiring over half a million fans to become number 1 in telecom operators of Pakistan. Ufone which was leading the Facebook fans race is now at number two with two million Facebook fans. ‘Jobs in Dubai’ is one of the fastest growing pages for Pakistanis – a sign of brain drain?
Surprisingly, the ratio of male to female interests is similar across categories of sports, music AND BOLLYWOOD! Yes, more Pakistani men than women (online) are fascinated with the booming industry across the border.
Pakistan’s first online classified OLX has gained fast popularity this year. Thanks to its heavy and distinctive advertising. The remaining top 10 is dominated by brand categories every Pakistani can relate to – Telecommunication and Food!
Entertainers always command a much larger following than politicians. Here we see a difference in following, but the difference is small when compared to other countries (such as the US); the reason being our youth’s exposure to politics (vis a vis talk shows). Also, it is interesting that the great Iqbal is more popular among our youth then Ali Zafar, Akon and Shakira.
Maria Memon, Imran Khan, Maryam Nawaz, Wasim Akram, Hamid Mir – politicians and anchors with a celebrity thrown in. Wasim Akram’s personal life isn’t very personal, which make his tweets all the more interesting. Imran Khan has managed to stay on the list with his November anti drone dharna in Peshawar. Hamid Mir bagged a slot with his IK interview. Maryam has been tweeting about the PM Youth program for youth business loans, and to top them all is Maria Memon, the young confident and witty Geo TV anchor who has become very popular
On the professional network of LinkdedIn, there are about 1.975 million Pakistanis, which makes the LinkedIn world ranking of 22 out of a total of 141 countries.
These analysis were contributed by ZeeSocial Pvt Ltd
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