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time June 28 2019
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Second Cup Creates A Second Home

Second Cup, a coffee franchise with outlets in Lahore and Islamabad, opened up in Pakistan several years ago and now has a vast number of outlets in other cities of Pakistan as well. Their recent campaign “Second Cup Fellowship Pakistan” caught our eye because of how unique it is. Pakistan is known as a country that has been politically torn and is considered to have a hostile environment for tourists. But that doesn’t negate that our country remains beautiful, with a lot to offer in terrain, culture, food, and art.

With this in mind, the coffee shop began their fellowship program by inviting three female foreigners from Germany, Oman and USA to live and experience Pakistan by residing with locals to make Pakistan their second home. Their journeys have been followed by thousands on Instagram as they go on exploring the different aspects of the country. Coffee is seen to be focused in their posts as well, pushing the product alongside the campaign. Previously, fellowship programs such as AISEC have mostly seen students going out of the country, rather than any coming in. We hope that with campaigns like this, Pakistan can be seen in a more positive light and the progressive part of the country can be highlighted.

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