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Jazz’s World Cup ad

Tensions between the bordering countries, India and Pakistan, always run high when it’s time for the World Cup. Even those chanting for peace are excited and praying that their side wins. In the patriotic atmosphere, when one side releases an advertisement that is a kick in the stomach, a response starts to seem like one that is necessary to maintain and regain one’s self esteem. Like the previous years, Star Sports released an ad similar to their famous “Mauka, Mauka” ad. This one’s tagline was ‘baap re baap’ signaling at the fact that the world cup match with Pakistan falls on the 16th of June which is also fathers’ day. There have also been constant jokes about ‘who’s whose father’ over social media since the border LOC issue.

In response, Jazz once again released an ad. Previously, their response to the Mauka Mauka ad was “no issue, le lo tissue.” The ad soon became popular with its catchy tune and creative response. This year Jazz responded ‘politically’ by creating a character that resembled Indian pilot captured by Pakistanis, Abhinandan during the LOC crisis. Did Jazz respond well? You can watch both the ads below.


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