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OOH Media AdEx Report April 2015


Analysis by: Winning Solutions

Winning Solutions is one of the leading market research organizations in Pakistan with operations across different cities and a spread of outdoor media tracking in over 60 cities. The Outdoor Media Ad-Ex report is based on a site census done by Winning Solutions in Top 5 cities of Pakistan in 2014 which is updated twice a month with Ad-Ex data collection. We cover over 5000 permanent structures and over 4500 pole signs twice a month every month. The market rates are updated and reviewed every month and aligned with average market rates for each road, section, location as well as site.

Outdoor Ad- Ex Highlight April 2015:

  • 57% of the total boards were occupied in April
  • Total outdoor spent approximately was 1 Billion this month
  • Since start of 2015 we have observed Fashion category holds the top slot and so was true for April with a total investment of 276 Million
  • Telecom and CSD followed with estimated spent of 79 million and 57 million respectively.
  • With summers hitting full on across Pakistan the top spending brand was Khaddi (overtaking Gul Ahmed in spent for first time), followed by Cornetto and then Gul Ahmed moving to third place.
  • Khaddi and Gul Ahmed were the major spenders in April.
  • UPL took over as the market leader in spending beating Gul Ahmed who has been the top spender in last quarter and in March.
  • UPL was followed by Pepsi, Telenor and then Khaddi in Ad spent on outdoor
  • Top 5 Categories Fashion, Telecom, CSD, Real State, Frozen Desserts/Ice cream
  • Top 5 Manufacturers, UPL, Pepsi, , Telenor, Khaddi, CBL
  • Top 5 brands for April were Khaddi, Cornetto, Gul Ahmed, Lu Nan Khattai, Pepsi.

Complete Report:

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