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Home Knowledge Articles 360 Degree Media Report on Sindh – a consultative session by CCPP

360 Degree Media Report on Sindh – a consultative session by CCPP


Center for Communication Programs Pakistan arranged a consultative session as part of an integrated process for the development of a 360 Degree Media Report on Sindh that spells out the best available tools and channels for effectively reaching out to the communities.  CCPP arranged the consultative session for the Health Communication Component of MCH program, being led by Johns Hopkins University and funded by USAID.

The consultative session gathered professionals with diverse backgrounds on a single platform.  The organizations represented belonged to multiple industries, sectors and profiles. All the participants however, brought the common experience of implementing communication interventions in Sindh.  Their experience was further challenged and refined in terms of valuable inputs that came after all of them were involved in a revolving group discussion under a given thematic area. The discussion generated valuable inputs, based on multiple angles, verified by years of examined experience or tested data.

All the findings contributed towards the common opportunity of sharing more while identifying the common challenge of knowing further. All the inputs of the session and its preceding phases will take the form of a report, “360 Degree Media Report”, the benefit of which will be cross cutting across multiple industries and sectors.

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