Navigating Store Openings Post Covid-19 : Operational Excellence

By Bob Neville


Coronavirus pandemic has shuttered the retail business around the world. Within the industry, major changes are taking place which has also accelerated the process of evolution and revolution of retail businesses, globally. In this Webinar, Bob Neville gives an insight into strategies that can be adopted to deliver both brand and commercial growth even during these challenging times.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your current and future consumers by using a solid base of data and consumer behaviour findings.
  • Gain insights into how businesses can become agile and adaptable during these challenging times.
  • Learn to be unique and true to who you are, tell your story, lead and others will follow.
  • Understand how to provide enriching experiences that connect emotionally with the consumers.
  • Learn how to ensure consistency of consumer experience and journey across all channels providing an omni experience.


23rd June 2020


3:30 PM PKT

Open / Free for all

About the Speaker

A creative expert in retail and branded environments, Bob has extensive experience in both Global fields and Asia Pacific. Born in France, educated in the United Kingdom, Bob has occupied roles globally for the past 25 years and have worked with brands like Adidas, New Balance, Pure International, and Redgoodss. With his name behind over 10,000 concepts in stores around the world, Bob has developed an understanding of the global market and the specific nuances in cultures worldwide. This understanding only comes with extensive time immersed in markets, gaining a global perspective achieved through a physical presence around the world. Being formally trained and versed in Three-Dimensional, Product and Interior Design has given Bob an extensive skill set in translating brands into the retail space with self-evident bottom line growth. Bob has won many accolades like, JCD International Design Award, DSA Design Award and many more. He is also an eminent speaker and has attended many summits and forums as a keynote speaker.

Last date for registration: 22nd June 2020



Working with Bob was always a blast! His expertise, creativity, passion, and drive were phenomenal – and it always showed in his work and his team‘s output. He broke new ground for adidas retail in his time, bringing fresh ideas to life and professionalizing the brand’s own retail presentation regionally and globally, and he constantly, impressively, shared his endless enthusiasm and deep knowledge with a whole generation of retail marketeers at the three stripes. Legend.

Paul Francis Seline – Adidas Global Brand Strategy

Bob was a speaker and panelist at our Shopper Marketing conference. His presentations on retail marketing and New Balance’s strategies were insightful and engaging, with practical takeaways for marketers. He did an excellent job in holding the audience’s attention – we would be glad to have him again any day! Thanks Bob!

Elizabeth Low – Asia Oil Trading News at Bloomberg

I had the pleasure to work with Bob in the early days of Adidas set-up in mainland China (mid-90’s). Bob and I were working together on the creative concepts, local production and set-up of numerous adidas concept stores and corners across the country. At that time, local resources were very limited but with creativity, perspicacity and resilience, we were able to face these challenges. Bob is a passionate individual, dedicated and very professional. Even now (nearly 20 years later…), I have great memories of these professional challenges and achievements. I would highly recommend Bob Neville for his creative and retail expertise, but also for his great personality.

Luc E. Godard – Head of European Marketing & CSR Officer, at Brother International Europe Ltd.

Bob is a true visionary. I have been fortunate to work with Bob and his team and been party to the evolution of a strategy that was an absolute hit out of the park. From the seed of the idea, to the evolving iterations, selling and delivering of the same… Great leader, great vision. Thanks for involving my team Bob.

Michael MacMillan – Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Simply Brilliant

Pakistan Advertisers Society