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Home Knowledge Articles Mobilink Users Can Now Get Pepsi Using Their Mobile Balance

Mobilink Users Can Now Get Pepsi Using Their Mobile Balance

Mobilink now offers its customers a chance to use their mobile balance to buy Pepsi drinks from a new kind of vending machines installed across Lahore and Islamabad, mostly within the educational setups.
The way this system works is quite innovative; through an application developed by Mobilink, users can send a blank SMS to a short-code, which in return sends a unique PIN code that can be used at the vending machine. After authorization the machine will give the customer the desired drink while money from the Mobilink balance will get deducted.
The main target audience is the young crowd, who may not have cash in a pocket but plenty of balance on a mobile to buy a drink.
How To Use This Service
Send a Blank SMS to the following short codes for your desired drink:
Pepsi: 7054
Aquafina: 7055
Sting Bottle: 7056
By sending a blank SMS to any of above short-code, user will get a 7 digit PIN code through SMS. Enter this PIN code into Machine to get your desired drink.
Following are the prices that will be deducted from your mobile balance:
Pepsi: Rs. 35
Aquafina: Rs. 25
Sting Bottle: Rs. 55
There are no additional charges for the service. You will be charged price of the product only with no taxes involved.
This facility though limited to Lahore and Islamabad, will definitely travel to other cities as well including Karachi in the near future.

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