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Home Knowledge News McDonald’s UK makes fun of branded fashion with “Schnuggs” apparel

McDonald’s UK makes fun of branded fashion with “Schnuggs” apparel

Cult-Fashion brands like Supreme have become a source of inspiration because of their young and loyal consumer base for a lot of other brands, like McDonalds and KFC. McDonald’s along with their competitors like KFC have launched a limited – edition line of branded apparel to attract a young audience in the past. But this time, McDonald’s created a spoof fashion line to launch “Schnugg” (Spicy Chicken Nuggets) in a new ad.

Leo Burnett London created a faux fashion line called “Schnuggs” to launch Mcdonald’s UK long demanded spicy version of chicken nuggets for a new ad. The new advertisement draws a parallel between the hot nature of grab-it-while-you-can apparel collaborations like Supreme and the spicy chicken nuggets. The ad is targeted at Gen Z aged between 16 – 24 years, who (crazy for hip fashion apparels) contributed as a thought behind creating a spoof “hype beast clothing” brand to model new Spicy McNuggets, said Graham Lakeland, the creative director at Leo Burnett London.

Leo Burnett London also created a number of fun and interesting food posts to create a buzz for the launch of the Schnuggs, so that it becomes one of the most talked about foods this year.

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