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First Ever Pakistan Start up Report


The Pakistan Startup Report was written by Pakistani entrepreneur and founder of DYL Ventures, Adam Dawood (@adamdawood) and Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of World Startup Report and CardMunch, Bowei Gai (@bowei). It is part of the much larger, World Startup Report, which is in turn part of a project to create a World Startup Wiki, which will document startup ecosystems around the globe.

What The Report Contains

The Pakistan Startup Report is a must-read for anyone interested in the Pakistan startup ecosystem. The report, like the World Startup Report, aims to:

  • Encourage investors to take advantage of the current opportunities in the Pakistani startup ecosystem,
  • Document Pakistan’s startup ecosystem through detailed analyses and reports based on the local culture, trends, key players and challenges,
  • Connect local entrepreneurs with each other and the global startup community and empower them to become ambassadors for Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

You may access the complete report here:

Pakistan Advertisers Society