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Tribute to Younis Khan

Recently Younus Khan achieved the milestone of making 10,000 runs in test cricket. With this younus khan has become 6th fastest amongst 13 batsman who have achieved this landmark.
Jazz didn’t stay behind in paying tribute to the legend who has place in the hearts of Pakistanis. It recently launched content over social media which has been lauded positively by the cricket fans of Pakistan.
Jazz Campaign:

As Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, Director Marketing Jazz said, ’Jazz firmly believes in the potential Pakistanis have. We’re devoted towards providing a platform to the deserving and awarding achievements of those who have made our country proud.’
Such milestones and achievements provide great opportunity to marketeers with which brand communication and linkage to target audience gets easier. But it highly depends on execution of campaign.
HBL from past many years has placed marketing campaigns, based on linking HBL with Pakistan’s cricket team.But in past few years HBL launched multiple campaigns which were directly recognizing the efforts of local Pakistanis stars. For example HBL launched campaign on common children from liyari who won bronze medal in street child world cup in Brazil. It also launched campaign over Samina Baig who became the first ever Pakistani woman to summit all seven highest peaks in the seven continents in just under eight months. These campaigns directly link to the tagline of brand “HBL” enabling Dreams “Jahan Khoab wahan HBL” and creates strong bond with brand. Such campaigns doesnt only build brand name but it promotes the spirit of being Pakistani.
HBL Campaigns:

In current digital age it is significant for brand to take such significant measure with which they can connect to audience emotionally. The more the relevant and engaging content is going to be the more brands will get connected to the audience.

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