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      Facilitation Report Session

      (this is not included in the evaluation) Cost is additional Rs.100,000+tax

      Participants Agency

      Participants Client

      No. of participants allowed from both client and agency: 5-30 participants.

      Use company e-mail address of the participants in the boxes listed above.

      Recommendation: All team members who have had sufficient contact with the other team should be asked to conduct the evaluation.

      Invoices are issued by PAS. For any questions regarding payment, please contact:

      Terms and Conditions


      Aprais shall provide a qualitative and quantitative evaluation platform for measuring the effectiveness of the client-agency relationship.

      Evaluation Accessibility


      will be accessed via a cloud-based system which is accessible by personal computers as well as mobile devices such as smart phones & tablets.


      will receive an invitation email to participate. It contains a link to the Questionnaire platform, to complete the evaluation.

      Evaluation Reporting:

      A comprehensive report for each evaluation will be provided per relationship (PowerPoint format). The reports will be provided via email.


      Aprais will provide concise and applicable benchmarking* against the entire Aprais database. Benchmarks are included in individual evaluation reports.

      Other Key Factors

      In addition, Aprais shall provide the following:

      • Robust email functionality ranging from participant notification to chasing of completion of evaluations.

      • Training for all participants.

      • Help Desk & Technical support:

      Client Obligations

      • Provide all necessary information for Aprais to meet agreed schedules which have been mutually agreed.

      • Must provide ‘correct’ information such as email addresses.

      • If deadlines are extended by Client (or partner) due to low levels of participant completion or other reason, Client understands that all other associated deadlines are subject to change.

      • Once evaluation has closed and report(s) has been produced, the scores cannot be changed unless Aprais receives in writing the request to re-open. This may incur additional costs.

      Facilitation - Optional

      • Facilitation of the report will be available on the request of the client or its agency partner. Facilitation will be provided by Mr. Sunil Gupta, Regional Associate-Aprais. It will include analytics and future action planning. This service is not included in the main cost.

      • A Facilitation of Report Session costs Rs.100,000+tax.

      Please indicate on the order form if you want a Facilitation Report Session added.


      • The Client must pay PAS the Fee within 30 days after the date of invoice.

      • The questionnaire will be activated once the payment/PO is received by PAS.

      • If this Agreement is cancelled or terminated, payment is due and payable to PAS immediately.

      • The client is obligated to pay, irrespective of the results of the evaluation.


      • The property, copyright, and any other intellectual property rights in all documents or other materials the Client provides in connection with the Services (“Client Material”) shall belong to the Client and any and all documents or other materials and any data or other information provided by Aprais in connection with or relating to the Services (“Aprais Material”) shall belong to Aprais.

      • The data the Client/Agency input into the Aprais system is used by Aprais in an aggregated and anonymous form as part of Aprais' benchmarking process.


      • Both parties will comply with all applicable requirements of the Data Protection Legislation. Applicable Laws means (for so long as and to the extent that they apply to the Aprais or the Client) the law of the Pakistan legislation.

      • The parties acknowledge that for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation, the Client is the controller and Aprais are the processor.

      • The Client consents to Aprais appointing Microsoft Corporation and CloudThing Ltd. as third party processors of personal data under this Agreement.

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