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Is Data Socialization The Next Big Thing In Data Analytics?

The Big Data revolution in business has come about due to the huge increase in the amount of information we’re able to capture and analyze, from an ever growing number of sources. It’s the driving force behind a wider wave of technology-driven transformation which is taking place thanks to advances in fields such as automation, […]


What comes to your mind when we say Big Data? For some, it’s vague image of boring statistical data which is managed by IT people. For some Big Data is an opportunity through which they can unlock data stored in archives of a system in disorganized form. But the scope of Big Data is much […]

Get a panoramic view of your data with dashboards

Every business has its own unique set of reporting needs — from determining which keywords drive the most website traffic to understanding the top performing mobile search ads over time. Having a consolidated, and comprehensive view of how your account is doing helps you spend less time creating reports, and more time identifying new opportunities. […]

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