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Home Knowledge Articles Malaysian Advertisers Association engages Pakistan Advertisers Society to drive single TV rating currency in Malaysia

Malaysian Advertisers Association engages Pakistan Advertisers Society to drive single TV rating currency in Malaysia


Left to Right: Kandesh (Macomm Management Services), Javed Jafri (Council Member, MAA), Claudian Navin (Head of Marketing, Baba Products), Yap Chee Weng (Chairman, JICTAR), Qamar Abbas (ED, PAS), Margaret Auyong (President, MAA) and Carol Ng (CMI & Media Director, L’Oreal).

The Malaysian Joint Industry Committee (JICTAR) for media ratings has announced appointment of Qamar Abbas, Executive Director, Pakistan Advertisers Society as an advisor to drive the single currency agenda for TV ratings. He will also assist the industry body to formalize the structure and management of JICTAR that has representation from Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), Media Specialists Association (MSA) and the Broadcasters.

Malaysia, pre-dominantly a TV market, has a collective spend of approx. USD1.9 billion representing ~70-75% of the total ad-spend. Currently, there are two sources of TV ratings, Peoplesmeter and Return Path Data from digital set-top boxes and both the ratings are commissioned and provided by individual broadcasters without any involvement from any other stakeholders. This has led to an increasing demand for a single currency under the supervision of an industry body that is led by Media Specialist Association and Malaysian Advertisers Association as a joint cause.

Emphasizing on the significance of this strategic engagement Yap Chee Weng, Chairman, JICTAR and Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Media Malaysia said “the strategic support and guidance to JICTAR in establishing single currency and bringing the TV ratings under the supervision of a JIC is a much needed and will be a milestone achievement for our industry. We thank Qamar Abbas and PAS for providing guidance on this crucial project”.

Thanking the JICTAR, Qamar Abbas said that it is a privilege to share experience and expertise with our Malaysian counterparts. He said that this will benefit both the bodies as it will also help us bring learnings in areas of advertising and marketing that will further raise the standard of practices Pakistan.

The Chairman of PAS, Aly Mustansir, CMO, Bank Alfalah welcomed the collaboration and said that this partnership will open the doors for future alliances between Malaysia and Pakistan that will not only help our industry grow further, but will also establish Pakistan as a prominent player in the region.

Mr. Javed Jafri, Council Member, MAA and Head of Media, Unilever said that this collaboration is a stepping stone and we would like to explore cooperation in other areas of joint interest serving long term vision to scale up the regional SEAA cluster and help in building the network in Asia.”

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