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twitter-cover Realizing the importance of digital media and its growing influence, PAS initiated ‘Dig-it’ in 2012, a Digital Marketing and Advertising Conference. It was highly successful and well received by the industry. Continuing its efforts, PAS is now planning ‘Dig-It 2017’ on 14th of April ’17 in Karachi, Pakistan. There is no question that there is a wealth of opportunities when marketers embrace big data and use the insights it gives them to reach out intelligently to their consumers. With the ability to expose people with the right ad at the right time, there is an even greater need for brilliant creative to keep the consumer engaged. This year at Dig-It, we’re bringing together a group of digital and marketing leaders to explore the future of marketing, analytics, and technology-assisted creativity to learn how marketers around the world are using data to inform successful omni-channel campaigns and how creatives leverage data to enhance their understanding of audiences. Dig-it 2017 remains in line with our core belief that the passage ahead of us demands us to share and address our challenges, learn from the world, and solve issues that are pertinent and unique to OUR industry. The objectives of the platform remains to:  Address issues that the Pakistani digital industry is facing.  Promote local talent and give them voice thereby fostering innovation.  Bring in international expertise to help build up the local industry where needed.  Help build skill-sets by providing organized training and inspiration platforms. For further details please contact: Tanvir Hussain Tel: +92(21) 583 6072/3 Email: Web:

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