Kenwood – Khush Raho Case Study

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Brand name


Campaign Title

Khush Raho

Product / Service Type

AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Kitchen Appliances

Category for this Entry

Telecommunication Hardware and Consumer Electronic

Category Background
In Home Appliances Category, the scenario at/before the time of the launch of Kenwood Communication was very clichéd and run of the mill; it was a very mechanical kind of communication with no emotions attached. Feature based advertising was what everyone followed. Since, technically and mechanically there is not much difference between the products themselves, therefore communication of all brands was the same; with a storyline revolving around a family and the same product features in the product window with voice over and price. Historically the multinational brands also used their global campaigns made for different markets for the local consumers in Pakistan. This naturally had very little impact on the consumer with no connect at all.

Strategic/Communication Challenges
The main challenge we faced during the planning phase of this campaign was to adopt a style of communication that is not the “clichéd different” but which is “actually different”. Since this was the first time that Kenwood was to advertise in the mass media, therefore we had to be very effective and very to-the-point at the same time while remaining in the given budgets. We had no piles of money to spend for this campaign so we had to be spot on; hitting right at the sweet spot. We had to create vibes not in terms of a good TV commercial but a fresh and simple idea for a brand that had to take a start. We had to create brand awareness, a bond of the brand with the consumer and an advertising that actually helps the brand loved by the target audience.

Target Audience
The target Audience for this Campaign was young couples from SEC A, B+ and B between age bracket of 25 to 35 with a bull’s eye of 30.

Insight that led to the big idea
In this fast paced age, we as human beings always seek perfection and in this quest, we start expecting perfection of machines from humans. Since we are not machines, therefore as always the great expectations when give hard times, the Happiness fizzles out from our lives. This was the basic insight that we took for this campaign.

Big Idea of the Campaign
”We will give you the perfection of Machines, you just take care of this beautiful life and stay happy”

Campaign Results:
35% increase in Sales and some overwhelming reviews by different advertising forums. Campaign also got viral on the social media.

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