Creating Voice Search Friendly Content

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By: Hassan Javed

As per a recent study conducted by BrightEdge “voice search” is the future of search and it will increase to 50% by 2020. As for now, Voice search accounts for at least 20% of all Google mobile searches while 31% of marketers believe voice search is the next big thing. If we dig down into the stats we observe that the main reason could be increase in mobile usage in our daily lives. From desktop to laptops and now to mobiles we have shifted towards mobility and convenience. With the introduction of Cortana by Microsoft, Siri by Apple and Google we can surely see our target is to increase search through convenience and hence Digital experts must move towards making the website more Voice Search friendly.

The following lines will shed light upon a few tips with which one can make a website Voice Search friendly and provide better consumer experience:

1. Focus on Phrases and Long-tail Keywords

The search criteria or method has moved from awkward Keywords to long phrases i.e. on the grounds that voice search makes use of natural language. The way we talk is unequivocally not quite the same as the way we write while searching on Google. The expressions and catchphrases that we utilize while addressing computerized aides would in this way be not the same as those we utilize when entering search on Google. On voice search we might use conversational language rather than using keywords like “What are best price of AC in Pakistan” will be searched as “AC prices Pakistan” on Google search as per keywords. So optimization would have to focus very much on nature of voice.

2. Anticipate Specific Questions Asked in a Conversational Manner

Voice search requires a complete sentence to understand the type of search a user is searching. People ask specific questions in order to get accurate answers. This can be attained through FAQ sections on thee website which can help in generating the right result for right Voice Search. As per, a detailed FAQ page or a blog containing authority content created around longtail keywords and conversational but specific questions. This would require you to research the kind of questions your target audience most frequently poses to digital assistants and produce content around those queries. It’s a good idea to take each of those questions and flesh out the answers in the form of quality blog posts. Google will take notice of the search and rank the website/mobile site as long as the website content is serving the queries.

3. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

As per research voice search is 3 times local in nature. Keeping this in mind we must keep our content up to date and local. For Example ‘Cheapest AC in Karachi’. Therefore the shop owner must provide accurate location of shop and integrate with google map along with shop contact and opening hours. Key Words should be in place like affordable AC in town, best price AC etc as per the keyword.

4. Make Sure Your Website Is Ready for Voice Search

As mentioned earlier, over the years we have observed major shift in mobile usage. Google search which used to be primarily on desktop has now come down to on our finger tips in shape of mobile and tablets. With the availability of wifi,4G and internet on the go the first thing consumers do is use mobile to search for their needs. In this regard its very important to make your sites up to date and well equipped for mobile search. As Google states, micro moments are critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. Thereby mobile and voice search are the main areas to focus upon in winning the race of search and stay ahead of the competition. Provide users with the relevant information at that stage in order to help them make a decision, or leave them with clear further guidance.

To close the subject matter, Brands need to make sure websites are optimized i.e. on page and off page with voice search content enabled to stay ahead of the game and capitalize on micro moments. Making a leap in using new techniques of digital marketing and search is very important as to stay ahead in competitive arena.

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