Copy Testing: Practice and Best Practice


Copy Testing: Practice and Best Practice
  • A best practice guide to pretesting, based on a critical analysis of common measures and evidence from advertisers, research suppliers and agencies
  • How today’s leading advertisers view and use copy testing
  • Advice on choosing the right measure for your campaign
  • A practical working guide to help advertisers improve campaign decisions

“It is difficult to see how today’s managements can justify spending large sums on producing and then running ads with no real evidence that they will meet their objectives”   From the Foreword by Keith Weed, Chairman of Lever Faberge UK

‘Copy testing: Practice and Best Practice’ is a working guide for advertisers who use copy testing as support for making campaign decisions. The common-sense approach detailed in the report will help advertisers use copy testing more effectively and, ultimately, help improve advertising performance.

Copy testing, otherwise known as pretesting, is a contentious area. While copy testing is widely used to provide diagnostic information about advertising, most of the controversy revolves around the predictive value of quantitative copy testing – can it provide reliable support for the campaign decision?

This report describes a ‘best practice’ approach to decision-support copy testing, based on a critical analysis of the measures used and evidence from leading advertisers, research suppliers and agencies.

The report includes:

  • A review of published work on copy testing
  • Detailed consideration of how consumers respond to advertisements, and how advertising works
  • An overview of methodologies and measures offered by research firms
  • A survey of the metrics used in ad tracking, to illuminate the extent to which tracking can be used to validate copy testing
  • The current practices of leading advertisers, agencies and research firms, to understand how practitioners view and use copy testing as an input to campaign decisions
  • A best practice approach to copy testing

With pressure increasing on marketers to justify expenditure on advertising, they are increasingly turning to quantitative copy testing to enhance decision-making and better measure the impact of their advertising. This practical guide will help advertisers – and the agencies that advise them – improve their chances of campaign success.

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