Dispute Resolution

  1. Any complaint which advertisers may have against other advertisers in contravention of COAP, should in the first instance, be raised with the “offending party” in writing with a copy marked to the PAS Secretariat. The spirit of this communication is to give the “offending party” an opportunity to defend its action and encourage direct member to member communication to resolve the issue before seeking arbitration. All such communications are to be responded within seven (7) working days.

  2. Any dispute which is not settled between the interested parties may be submitted to CSC for a ruling. All such submissions must be made in writing and accompanied by correspondence pertaining to the dispute. The parties making the complaint shall also provide evidentiary proof substantiating the claim.

  3. On receiving a complaint, the Executive Director, PAS will call upon the members of the standing committee within seven (7) working days for a formal hearing of the case. The parties in dispute may also be called to present their case. However, should one or both the parties do not show up, a decision will still be made by the committee. Any unreasonable delay in responding to PAS’s enquiries may be considered a breach of the Code.

  4. The decision will be by a simple majority vote of members present. Every member of CSC will have one vote and the quorum shall be constituted by one-third of the members of CSC.

  5. CSC’s decision will be notified in writing on the next working day to all the parties in dispute advising them of any action which may be required to be taken.

  6. T6 . The parties in dispute have the right to appeal against the ruling of the COAP Standing Committee. All such appeals shall be addressed to the Executive Council, PAS within 3 working days for re-evaluation of the CSC decision. The decision by the council will be made within 3 working days and will be notified to the parties in writing.

    The decision of PAS Council shall be final.

  7. All the enquiries shall be addressed to the Executive Director, PAS who will ensure that the members of CSC who have vested interest will absent themselves from all deliberations.

  8. All members of CSC shall honour the confidential nature of all proceedings.

For lodging of complaints please email at csc@pas.org.pk.