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The membership of PAS allows the advertiser to address its concerned issues by using collective influence of the society. It entitles the organisation to full access to our comprehensive Members Benefit Program that includes discount offerings on trainings sessions, books and publications, research material and host of other benefits.


  • PAS membership is open to those corporations that advertise to market their products or services and share PAS’s vision for the industry’s future.
  • Agencies, companies whose primary revenue is derived from selling media space (i.e., magazines, radio or TV networks, internet portals) promotional vendors and consultants (event management companies, PR consultants, etc) are not eligible for membership.

For additional information regarding PAS membership, contact PAS Secretariat at,



One of the most critical functions of PAS is to provide a collective platform to address/resolve issues that member companies may have, individually or collectively, with other stakeholders namely, media, agencies and government regulatory authorities.

Some of the challenges that advertisers many times face is agency clearance, media inflation, illegal content, transparency and establishing standards of practices, taxation issues and restrictions from government regulatory authorities on advertising communications.

In order to effectively address these, PAS has developed strong working relations with broadcasters, publishers, agencies and other stakeholders. The Society also interacts with government regulators like PEMRA and CCP on regular basis to raise collective on various issues of mutual interests.


One of the most important objectives of PAS, since its inception, has been to promote ethical and responsible communication practices. For this, in 1996 it authored a Code of Advertising Practice and has offered services of arbitration between member companies on disputes pertaining to competitive, comparative and misleading advertising through a well-defined protocol of dispute resolution.

The arbitration process, which is much swifter and cost effective, stands as the first line of defense without the need of going to the court of law. It is done through the PAS Code of Advertising Standing Committee (CSC) that comprises of senior and well respected professionals of the industry and is acknowledged by other industry bodies and government regulators.


The Society also provides its members legal counseling on matters related to marketing and advertising like copy rights issues, defamation and plagiarism, competitive advertising, etc. It also standardizes industry contracts for major research subscriptions like TV Audience Measurement and OOH Audience Rating to safeguard the interests of advertisers.

Some of the services are offered complimentary, however, depending on the scope and extent of work, the Society may charge a discounted fee from the member company. In industry related cases that require collective legal efforts, PAS has also engaged lawyers on behalf of its members at especially negotiated fees exclusive to PAS members only.


Research is key to efficient and effective marketing communications and so makes an important part of the members benefit programme.

Member companies bring forward their suggestions and requirements that would help them optimize their communication efforts and PAS on behalf of its members initiates such projects that would benefit the entire community. These are researcher that cannot be undertaken by a single entity and requires industry leadership to implement.

One tangible benefit that companies enjoy by being a PAS member, is a clear discount on subscription of these research studies, where one can save Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 1.5million per year, as compared to non PAS members.

A few major initiatives under this are:
 Television Audience Measurement System: The system was first time introduced by PAS. With a collective TV ad-spend of approx. Rs50billion, companies can now invest on various TV channels with the help of a very advanced viewership rating system increasing their ROI’s on marketing investment.

  • Living Standard Measure: PAS established the Socio-Economic Classification in 1998 that was being used as a currency by the entire industry. With new advancements in research that help us better understand our customers, PAS commissioned Living Standards Measure study leading a shift to this new approach of segmentation. With its geographic coverage of urban and rural market, LSM is more discriminatory with a mix of behavioral and spending power segmentation giving marketers, advertisers and researchers much deeper insights on the general consumers.
  • Consumer Multimedia Index (CMI): This study initiated by PAS provides data on consumer demographics, psychographics, purchase patterns and media consumption. This is an extensive study covering both urban and rural markets. The study was internationally acknowledged by World Federation of Advertisers and its blue print was also shared with countries like Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and India.

  • OOH Audience Measurement Project: Similar to TV ratings, the study provides ratings of all the outdoor sites in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is the first time such a comprehensive and extensive study has been undertaken. With a collective spend of Rs. 8.0 billion, the benefit of this study is phenomenal helping companies to invest on this medium with a measurable ROI.

    In addition, PAS also pilots Small Research Studies that it shares with its members free of cost. Some of these studies are:

  • Monthly Radio Reports
  • Public attitudes towards advertising
  • TV Clutter Report (Annual)
  • TV Industry Report (Annual)
  • Newspaper Industry Report (Annual)
  • Radio Industry Snapshot (Annual)


    PAS extensively works in the area of capacity building of professionals and organizations through its training workshops and sessions with some of the best international experts and trainers from around the globe. Exclusively designed and highly interactive, these sessions are focused on marketing, advertising, brand management, media management, digital, etc.

    PAS also works with its members marketing/HR department and help in identifying the right resource for their training requirement. Here, we also coincide public workshops with in-house sessions that prove to be customized and highly cost effective.

    Under the programme, the following are offered:

  • Public Workshops
  • In-House Workshop: Fully customized and tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Expert Briefings: 1.5hrs session offered free of cost to member companies.

    In the sessions, 75% of the seats are pre-booked for PAS members that are offered on special discounts of approx. 20% on every enrollment.


    One of the major programme that was in initiated in 2011 is PAS Awards, which are marketing and advertising effectiveness awards.

    The Awards programme not only serves to acknowledge and reward the efforts of the industry, but the most important agenda behind the initiative is to drive the industry towards ‘effectiveness’ and help in developing communications that is well thought off and research driven and encourage innovation and creativity that can finally contribute to a brand’s success. Another objective is to establish a platform that show cases great work coming out from Pakistan that can be presented on all international forums.


    These are acutely researched industry manuals or guides that are developed by PAS and it international affiliates to standardize and optimize advertising communications and processes. These are extremely useful in outlining practices across the board.

    Some of the topics covered are:

  • Creative Briefing Toolkit
  • Agency Remuneration
  • Judging Creative Ideas
  • Best Practice Guidelines on Outdoor Advertising
  • Finding an Agency
  • Selecting a Media Agency

    The toolkits are available for all our members free of cost.


    PAS also offers consultancy services through its pool of resources in various areas like Client-Agency Evaluation, running a Pitching Process for selecting a Creative/Media Agency, Brand Communication or any other areas where there is specific requirement.

    These services are charged, but at especially negotiated fee exclusively for PAS member companies only.


    Committed to answer all the needs of its members, the PAS Help Desk is equipped to advise on matters like self-regulatory practices, media affairs, copy right, client-agency relations or any other matter that a member company may have relating to marketing and advertising practices.


    PAS Members Forum are networking evenings, luncheons and other gatherings for members to interact, discuss trends, confer issues and share experiences and most importantly to stand unified.

    They also provide excellent networking opportunities not only with other members, but also with industry leaders and other peers from the media, agencies and other stakeholders.

    11.PAS Committees & Working Groups

    The Society also provides its members a seat at the table to drive industry issues with collective intelligence, wisdom and strength that can be hugely insightful and actionable for both companies and individuals.

    It allows members to stay on top of critical issues that affect us today and forewarns us of tomorrow’s challenges.

    The various committees and working groups are:

    1. PAS Executive Council
    2. Standing Committee on Code of Advertising Practice
    3. Regional Committee (Lahore & Islamabad)
    4. Research Committee
    5. Stakeholders’ Group (PAS, APNS, PBA & PAA)
    6. PAS – APNS Joint Committee

    Member companies can nominate executives to represent their organization on these committees.