1. “To promote the value of advertising”

    • To make realize the government, the consumers and the society at large the importance of advertising and the role it plays in economic development and increasing awareness through communication encouraging consumers “right to choose”.
  2. “Play a role of self-regulatory body”

    • Implementing Code of Advertising Practice amongst its members that is acknowledged and respected by agencies, media and other marketing suppliers to promote ethical and responsible practices in the field of advertising.
    • To ensure that the right of advertising is a responsibility towards the consumers and is not taken for granted and seek public trust in advertising.
    • To implement a code of conduct within the advertising partners to ensure transparency at all levels of operations.
  3. “Defend and stand for the legitimate rights of advertisers ensuring freedom of ethical and responsible advertising and all other commercial communication”

    • A lobbying body playing a dominant and an effective role in regulatory, legislative and media policy making with the government, agencies, media and others ensuring every advertiser to advertise freely, openly and responsibly without undue hindrance or constraint.
  4. “Strive for excellence in advertising”

    • Creating knowledge centre by initiating training programs, publications, seminars, workshops and conferences to foster a refined and superior class of advertising professionals that will raise and represent Pakistan’s advertising industry at a global level.
  5. “Optimize advertising communications”

    • Piloting research studies and establishing best practice, operational and strategic, guidelines to encourage accountability, standardize advertising practice and get better value for the ad spend.
    • Establishing measurement and rating systems across all communication mediums
    • Stimulating maximum effectiveness and efficiency in realm of emerging media and technologies
  6. “Building bridges: Peers who have all to gain in talking to each other”

    • Establishing national, regional and global alliances aiming towards a common goal
    • Identifying areas of common interests and concerns of the advertisers and developing information gathering and relaying system
    • Sharing experiences and benchmarking performances, vis-à-vis their peers in their industry, their agencies and their counterparts across numerous markets.